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Is your marketing and communications partner responsive, and flexible? Creative, yet practical? Do they understand your business enough to be strategic? Do they care enough to be passionate?  Your business deserves no less.  In fact, it deserves much more.  

Since 2000, Griffin MarCom has assisted businesses of all sizes, in generating true marketplace returns on their marcom investments.  We help companies tell their story in a compelling manner, and reach their target markets efficiently.  We extend brands.  We use our passion for your business to create heat and energy.  We drive marketplace initiatives that deliver consistent results, and long term profit.  We are your partner.  Your eyes, and your ears.  Your heart, and your hands.  We understand and love how businesses work, and it shows. 
From Experiential Learning and Event-based Teambuilding and Leadership Development, to full service Event Management and Entertainment Programming, Griffin MarCom is your partner helping you Communicate, Collaborate, and Celebrate.   Don't settle for less.  Let Griffin MarCom rekindle your passion...